When to replace Windshield Wipers

The first warning sign that lets you know that your windshield wiper blades need replacing is that screech that you here when the wipers are turned on in the rain when the window is clean and free of dirt. A new wiper will glide along the surface and make no noise except the bump sound at each cycle end. As you watch the wiper that is making the screech, you sometimes see tiny strips of rubber coming loose from the blade.

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If the blade appears to be whole, you might be able to extend the life of the blade with a chemical found in auto stores like rain-x or some similar brand. Regular applications of rain-x to the glass also helps extend the life of the windshield wiper blade. Try wiping your wipers clean by hand with a damp paper towel or cloth, they might only be dirty https://twitter.com/Wiperadvisor_. Anytime that the blade starts to separate or have lit bits of rubber flapping is a good time to replace the blades. Many times, drivers will ignore the warning signs of a disintegrating blade refill until the wiper gets bent and has to be replaced with a complete wiper blade. Also, if your wiper blades tend to streak the windshield when there is plenty of water or make skipping sounds as they go back and forth, then blade replacement is probably the solution. If you need to stick your head out the window to see in rain, that is a good sign to replace the blades. If you inspect these wiper arms by propping it out as if you are replacing the blade and see rubber bits that are beginning to fray or find rips or cracks, then replace the blade.

Use Your Judgment

Common sense and your acute vision will let you know when wipers need to be replaced. The wiper should be able to clear sleet and snow, rain and any other precipitation without any trouble. When you are in doubt, you are better off replacing the blades. They are cheap and most auto supply stores will replace them for you for free when you buy the part. Don’t take a chance on having an accident for parts that normally sell for less than twenty dollars. Your vehicle’s windshield wiper blades take a beating from mother nature. The sun and wind dry the blade and make it crack. The rain, snow, and ice wears down the blade from use over time. The maintenance mechanic will replace the blade at regular maintenance service times during the year to ensure your safety. Replace your blades every six months as a matter of course. Try replacing them at the beginning of Spring and again at the beginning of fall. That won’t preclude intermittent replacement from wear but will be a good rule of thumb for safety.

When you are ready for blades, the repair will be done quickly. Probably within two minutes from the time you pay for them. Treat yourself and see clearly with new wiper blades.

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