What are Air Fried Foods?

There is a new and healthier way to enjoyed fried food. Air frying is a great alternative to deep fat frying in oil or lard. Many people may wonder what is air fried and how does this frying work.

 Air Frying Basics

Hot air frying will allow a person to fry foods without having to use fattening oil or any form of grease, learn more from this video. A person will still be able to get that great crispy fried texture as well as the fried taste that they love. There is a special cooking machine called the hot air frying machine that will crisp the outside of foods while making sure that are cooked all the way inside.What are Air Fried Foods?

 The Air Difference

Cooking in air is much better for a person’s health. The food does not suck up the unhealthy oils and will reduce the amount of fat that a person is consuming. While it may take a little while longer to cook the food there is no messy cleanup and a person does not have to wait for the machine to heat up before they begin cooking.

 Foods to Fry

There are a number of foods that will taste just as good if they are air fried as they would if they were deep fried, as seen here. A person can make crispy French fries by frying them in an air fryer. They can also make fried chicken, popcorn shrimp, and a number of other foods. If a person wants to add a little oil they can use healthy oils such as avocado oil or even grape seed oil. While these oils are not needed for cooking they can make the food taste even better.

An air fryer can help a person make tasty food without the added fat. This fryer will allow a person to enjoy crispy foods without harming their health.

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