Pregnancy Sickness Symptoms

When a woman is pregnant or thinks she is pregnant there are some signs and symptoms that she should be aware of. Usually early signs of pregnancy include what is known as morning sickness. There are some sickness symptoms that may hint to a woman that she is pregnant.


Cramping is a common sign right after fertilization. When the egg attaches to the uterus wall this can lead to some cramping. These cramps are similar to the cramps that a woman usually gets during her period. She may also notice some spotting at the same time.

Tender Breasts

pregnancy-sickness-symptomWhen a woman gets pregnant her breast can become swollen or sore. They may also feel tender. This can be rather uncomfortable and for some women painful. It make take several weeks for the body to get used to the changes and the tenderness to go away.

Morning Sickness

This is one of the most well known sicknesses related to pregnancy. A woman has a feeling of nausea especially in the morning. Some doctors blame them on changes in hormones. The woman may vomit and have a general feeling of sickness. This usually goes away after a couple of weeks. There are some foods or scents that may also trigger the feeling of nausea. She may need to avoid them for a certain of time.

There are some things that a woman can do to help the feeling of sickness during pregnancy. She can lay on the best pregnancy pillow to help ease the pain. This pillow will provide comfort and soothing. It will allow a woman to relax comfortable and will provide her some relief.

Pregnancy is a special time. Once a woman gets her pregnancy pillow and her body gets used to the hormonal changes the feelings of sickness will be reduced. She will be feeling good and have a glowing appearance.

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