How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Watch?

Just like any other appliance, there comes a time when you need to repair your watch. All that is done to ensure your watch is in good condition and keeps time well. Repair can range from changing a battery to doing a full overhaul of your time piece, but the big question remains – how much does it cost to repair a watch? You can have a look below and also mens watch reviews.

Below we have covered the various kinds of watch repair and the approximated cost:

Battery Change

Whenever the battery dies, the quartz movements cannot continue and that is when a new one is needed. The price of a battery can range from $8 – $10 one the lower side to $30- $50 on the higher side. Those with watches with hybrid chronograph and quartz mechanical movements should expect to spend between $50-$100 when replacing the battery.

New Strap or Bracelet

Repair a WatchWatches can have bracelets (normally made of titanium, platinum, gold or steel) or straps (normally made of animal skin, leather, and materials like carbon fiber or rubber).

When getting a strap, you can go for a similar one or replace it with something different as far as it fits the model you own. The price of a leather strap can range from $20 – $ 500. The top Swiss brands are the most expensive.

The price of a basic steel bracelet can range from $50-$75 and sometime it can cost up to $1000. Those who are out for platinum or gold bracelets should be ready to spend thousands of dollars dependent on their weight and quality.

Mechanical Watch Overhaul

This is an elaborate process that involves removing the mechanical parts of the watch, replacing worn-out parts, cleaning all parts, oiling, calibrating the time and then resealing. It is a time consuming process but it restores the watch to its almost new status.

Usually, this process is accompanied by a warranty of 1-2 years and the cost is dependent on the brand of the watch. For a fine Swiss watch, it can cost from $200- $1000 or even more for those with vintage watches.

Crystal Replacement

When the crystal is scratched or cracked after an impact, it calls for replacement and the process is an easy one. For an acrylic, you can spend from $30 upwards and for a sapphire crystal replacement you can spend $150 or more.

Other Watch Repairs

Other minor replacements such as changing the dial, replacing the crown, and replacing the hands may also be needed. The cost of such repairs depends on the condition and the brand of the watch.

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