Year: 2018

22 Apr by Carol

Time To Hit Your Mat – Undeniable Reasons To Do Yoga

What has made yoga stand the test of time? This ancient practice is a complete mind-body experience, with body mental and physical benefits. The fact that it brings with it endless options makes it top on the list of versatile ways of working out. Nothing like headbands to keep sweat out of your eyes too. Here are some of the top research-backed reasons you need to incorporate yoga in your life:

 Yoga is a stress reliever

Are you feeling some little high-strung? If yes, then you need to head to a nearby yoga studio. According to research, the ancient practice can not only lower blood pressure, it can also reduce stress levels. What is more is that it can also reduce symptoms of serious mental health issues such as anxiety.

 It is an excellent workout

Granted, yoga might not scream ‘heart pumping cardio.’ However, it is one of the most effective ways of getting some exercises. Research indicates that it one of the most efficient healthy ways to lose weight especially in middle-age people … take that, elliptical.

 Yoga is a great way to strength train

From your arms to your core arms, yoga engages numerous muscle groups. It is an incredible way of swapping your weight once in a while for something totally different. Try these incredible moves and you’ll surely feel the burn.

 It makes your mind sharper

A few Downward Dog poses or Sun Salutations can surely help boost that noggin. One of the most effective natural ways to sharpen the memory is through exercise. In particular, yoga, might additionally help improve reaction time and boost brain function.

 Yoga eases pain

Back pain, knee pain, neck pain … you get the whole idea. Yoga is an effective antidote to such kinds of ailments. Harvard Medical School opines that the practice helps relieve chronic pain. Try these yoga moves anytime your body begs for some little relief.

 Yoga can help with sleep

Forget sleep aids … allow yoga to lure you into soft slumber. According to research, the practice helps with insomnia. With calming benefits, there is no doubt that the mind will be prepped and relaxed for rest. How about you try these nighttime moves for better sleep? Clearly, yoga boasts so many reasons, which all indicate that you should try it out.